We offer a wide range of dental treatments for all age groups, with a particular focus on prevention.
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Holistic Dental Exams

During a dental exam, your Maxwell dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth and check for cavities and gum disease. The dentist or hygienist will also evaluate your risk of developing other oral health problems, as well as check your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities.

Evaluate your overall health and oral hygiene

Evaluate your risk of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease

Evaluate your need for dental treatments

Check your bite and jaw for problems

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Dental Emergencies

For all dental emergencies, it’s important to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Our dentists reserve time in their daily schedules for emergency patients so be sure to call Maxwell Dental and provide as much detail as you can about your condition. That can include:


Jaw pain

Swollen or bleeding gums


Lost or loose fillings/veneers/crowns

Chips, cracks, and broken teeth

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Aren't all dentists cosmetic dentists? Well sure, more or less. The training, number of specific tools and selection of technology utilized in restoring teeth is always expanding. Prioritizing appearance is sometimes referred to as cosmetic dentistry. The distinction between a cosmetic dentist and other dentists is of less official importance than the distinction between general dentists and specialists who've undergone additional years of training.

Teeth Whitening

Smile Makeover

Gum Lift/Gum Recontouring

Enamel Contouring

Restorative Dentistry

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Dental Implants

At Maxwell Dental, we have found that dental implants are truly able to enhance the quality of life for our patients. Dental implants can improve our patients' overall health, while helping them gain the confidence that comes from a well-functioning smile that looks good and feels natural.

There are many benefits to replacing missing teeth with dental implants, chiefly that they:

Maintain the integrity of bone structure after tooth loss

Preserve the health of adjacent teeth, since there is no need for bridgework

Replace loose-fitting dentures

Distribute bite forces evenly throughout the mouth

Function and feel like natural teeth

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Oxygen/Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can aid healing through safe and topical disinfection. It sterilizes all aspects of the tooth, even into the smallest canals and tubules.

Harmful anaerobic bacteria can be eliminated upon exposure to ozone. This "transient oxidative burst" neutralizes infective organisms and aids immune response and healing times.


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Children's Dentistry

When you see your child smiling, your heart melts. Just like any loving parent, you wish to always keep this beautiful smile healthy and bright, and that’s where our caring team comes in.

Maxwell Dental offers comprehensive dental services for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

Fluoride-Free Treatments

Jaw Growth Assessment

Preventative Dental Care


"I can smile with complete confidence! I can’t now imagine ever being concerned about appearing in photos. It’s just been a new lease on life. Thank you."

Laura Hughes | Patient
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